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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

What an amazing summer!!! Thank you to everyone who was a part of 2010 at Green Cove Camp!!

We have been enjoying some beautiful fall weather around here and as you can imagine, Green Cove is a whole lot quieter since camp has ended!

Although life is much calmer here during the fall, we do have some things going on. Last weekend Green Cove hosted the End of Summer Blues Festival. The festival was a fundraiser for an all new autism resource center called St. Gerard House that has opened in Hendersonville (Some of you may know Caroline Long Blackwell who is the Executive Director... go Caroline!!).

Some of you may also know Calla Margaret Bell (you would have known her as Margaret but she is now going by Calla). Calla was married here at camp this month. The ceremony was held at the chapel and the reception was in our very own dining room. The whole thing was beautiful!! Congratulations to the newlyweds!

I know it feels early but we are already starting to think about Summer 2011! 2011 is the first summer that we will be having a TWO WEEK SESSION!!! We will still have our one week, three week and five week sessions. The additional two week session will take place in early August. This session is the perfect solution for campers who are still in school during our 3 week session or for those who may have other obligations that need to fit into their summer. Although the session is shorter, we will still have time to get into our activities, do a few trips and of course plenty of time to have a blast making new friends and living in a cabin!! Click here to find out more about our "dates and rates". And once you are ready to seal the deal, you can now REGISTER FOR CAMP ONLINE!

Since we generally get new bikes, canoes and kayaks each summer, we like to sell a bunch of our used ones in the fall to make room. If you are interested, click here to see whats for sale!

We love to hear from YOU during the fall and especially love hearing how you thought the summer went. We have sent out the paper version of our End of Camp Evaluation form to June Camp families and will be sending it to Main Camp folks shortly. You can also fill the form out online by clicking here. These forms are so important because it lets us know what changes and improvements need to be made for next summer. So, please take a moment and send us your thoughts!!

Finally, many of you know that I was home this summer taking care of our new baby... well, she is growing and growing!! I will leave you with this sweet pic of her (and recognize her aunt Charlotte??) at the Mountain State Fair... ISN'T SHE CUTE?!?!?

Saturday, July 3, 2010

SUMMER 2010!!

Summer is finally here and we are having a blast!!! We won't be posting on the blog until fall but check in to see how things are going on our website under daily photos!!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Baby News!!!!

Sophie had her baby!!!! April 19th Sophie gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. Cordelia ('Della') Catherine Felts, weighing 5 lb 10 oz, was born at 4 am Monday morning. Mom and baby are both doing well. Everyone at the office is very excited for her and wish her and her husband all the best!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Lauren is Here!! (and its Spring!)

Lauren is finally here! We have had a lot of fun working together these past two weeks and I am excited to get to "hand the baton" to such a smart, fun gal... you are going to love her!! From now on Lauren will be "blogging" so please send her a "hello" and let her know what you have been up to.

Spring has finally returned to Tuxedo...we have been enjoying warm (in the 70s) and sunny weather for a couple of weeks now. Camp is finally starting to green up! Nancy hosted a delicious Easter breakfast last weekend and the whole Mondamin and Green Cove year round crew got together to visit, enjoy Nancy's deck and OF COURSE enjoy her delicious cooking (she makes killer cheese grits!)

We have been getting a lot of registrations lately which is great! It is so fun to get to see who will be joining us this summer. If you haven't sent your registration yet but know that you are going to be here this summer... hurry up and get it in!! :)

We just finished "big & little sisters" for June Camp. If you are a new camper, start checking your mailbox and email for letters from your new Green Cove "big sister". If you are a returning camper, you may be assigned a "Little Sister". This is a younger girl who will be coming to camp for the very first time...please send her a letter to welcome her and tell her a little about camp. Not all returning campers will have a little sister. If you don't get one in the next week or so but really want one... please send us an email to let us know and we will try to assign you someone. If you JUST sent in your registration, you will be getting your big sister in a week or so.

CABIN REQUESTS: Please remember... you are allowed to request ONE person to be in the cabin with you (the request must be mutual, meaning you have to request your friend and your friend needs to request you) You can mark more than one person on your registration form but please be very clear about who your first choice will be... if we dont know, we will just have to pick someone! If you don't know anyone else coming to camp... DONT WORRY!! LOTS of other campers will not know anyone either!!!

Green Cove girls around the world...
Counselors Elise Desloge, Julie Ruppert, Laura Bridge and Beth Woodthorpe- Evans recently met up in ENGLAND AND WALES!! They had a lot of fun touring the country side and those Green Cove Girls even took a hike up Mount Snowdon which is the biggest peak in England & Wales.

We recently heard from former counselor Emily Caja... she is just starting a new job in Virginia where she will be working at a horse farm. She is also involved in Theater and was just in a show called Nunsense where she played a nun who had lost her

Former counselors Alden Schell and Christine Hilliard recently met up at the Stanford women's basketball game.

Let us know what you have been up to, we LOVE hearing from you and would love to share your adventures with the rest of the Green Cove community! Check back often and HAPPY SPRING!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Snow, Baby & Lauren Plettner!

March definitely came in like a Lion!! We started the month off with another batch of snow and although we are all getting sick of snow, it does look pretty beautiful around here! Check out some of the pictures!In other news... some of you may have heard that I am expecting a baby girl NEXT MONTH!! Mike & I are getting so excited. It will be so fun to bring our new little Green Cove Girl to camp this summer to get to meet you all! Last weekend we had a Green Cove baby shower. The shower was hosted at Pat's house (you may know Pat, she is the Green Cove and Mondamin Bookkeeper). It was so much fun to hang out with Hannah Owen, Brooke, Karley & Debbie Walker, Jessica Gibbs (works in the summer office), Shea D'Anna, Susan Danos, Sarah & Lindsay Bell, BOTH Nancy Bells, Kathy (the barn mgr), Lee Burdett, Mike's mom and two of my sweet Hendersonville friends. We had a chocolate fountain, an adorable cake, lots of fun games AND the baby clothes were ADORABLE! Shea LOVES tasting baby food!!

Finally... Many of you may remember Lauren Plettner. Lauren was a camper for EIGHT summers (1995-2002), was a paddling counselor for 2 ('04 & '05) and was a Line Head in '06. We are happy to tell you that Lauren will be coming back to Green Cove this summer. She will start around April 1st. With a new baby I will not be at camp full time this summer, SO Lauren will be taking over as Assistant Director until she goes to grad school this fall. Lauren is a Vanderbilt graduate and has been working in Raleigh as a civil engineer. She will be fantastic! WELCOME BACK LAUREN!

Its almost Spring which means summer is just around the corner... keep in touch and we cant wait till Green Cove comes alive again!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Cold, Snow & Ice in Tuxedo!

Like a lot of other states, North Carolina sure has gotten off to a COLD start to 2010!! The entire lake was frozen!!! Icicle Falls is truly living up to it's name and we have gotten so much snow and ice! Check out the pics of COLD Green Cove and frozen Lake Summit (and be glad you aren't living in a cabin quite yet!!) We are dreaming about the spring weather that is HOPEFULLY headed our way before too long and cant wait for camp to hurry up and get here!!

Maintenance has been working at Green Cove again this year... not too exciting for most, but the main office is getting a bit of a makeover. You would also be surprised at how many trees have fallen down during the ice & snow storms we have been having; the sounds of chainsaws are getting to be pretty common! Here is a picture of the progress being made on the office...
Green Cove Alumni can check out the new Green Cove & Mondamin Alumni Facebook Page. We are excited to have a way for alumni to reconnect with each other and stay in touch with whats going on at camp. For now, this page is for Green Cove "friends" over 18 years old... so pass the word along!

If you can believe it, we are almost finished with staff hiring for the summer! We are still looking for a couple of experienced tennis players, if you happen to know of anyone who would be great, please let me know! Also, if you know of someone who isn't a tennis player but would be a fantastic counselor in one of our other activity areas, let me know that too... we do have a couple of other random openings!

It has been fun hearing from Green Cove girls around the country (world?) Counselor, Maggie Ruch recently traveled to Equador. She got to do some amazing kayaking and all around adventuring. She met up with former camper, Diana Zambrano when she was in the city of Quito.
It seems like New Orleans has been the place to be this year. We got to travel to New Orleans this month to do a camp showing... it was a blast to get to hang out with Green Cove Girls old & new (and of course to cheer for the Saints!) We have been hearing about Mardi Gras from lots of folks. Former camper (and 2010 counselor?), Katharine Saussy got to meet up with a couple of Green Cove friends this year at Mardi Gras. Katharine, Lily Cowles & Molly Phayer had fun getting together.

Let us hear what you have been up to, we love pictures & stories!! Check back soon and in the mean time, stay warm :)