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Monday, October 24, 2011

Come all you Green Cove Girls, Let's FALL in line!

Well Fall is in Full swing here in the mountains of North Carolina! And things around camp look a little different than what you all are used to. The trees are turning colors and there is a definite crisp in the air...just imagine what that cold side would feel like now! BRRRRRRRRRR!

There are still things going on here at camp, even though it looks pretty bare! We are very busy in the office, already getting ready for next summer! One of our big projects of the year is getting closer and closer to being completed: the new DVD is in its final stages and will hopefully be making an appearance at one of the upcoming showings! Be sure to check out our website for the updated list of those showings.

The barn in particular has been busy! Our four-legged friends are getting plenty of exercise with weekly riding lessons. Check out some of the sweet pics of some local kids learning the "reigns"

And along with the drop in temperature and massive leaf piles, we all know
what this time of year also brings:

What is your favorite part about Halloween? Is it all the candy or the fun costumes? Or maybe it is going to all the haunted houses? Show us how you spent Halloween this year by sending in a picture! We would love to see all the crazy costumes people came up with this year...and who knows, maybe your image will appear on the next blog.....

And even though the signs of summer are slowly fading, that does not mean we have forgotten about all the memories made in 2011! Here are some fun facts about 2011:
  • We ate over 2,000 corn dogs, 132 gallons of ice cream and served 40 birthday cakes.
  • We took 125 adventures into the Back 40 (44 of which were overnight adventures!), 62 Day Trips, 30 Two-Day Trips, 24 Three-Day trips, 1 Five-Day trip and 1 Six-Day trip.
  • We sang over 400 songs at assembly
  • Favorite meal during Early June was Spaghetti, during June Camp was a tie between Cook Out and Taco Day, Main camp reported loving Cordon Bleu, and August Campers loved Mac and Cheese.

Be sure to keep checking out the blog for more updates for the happenings at Camp!!