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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Hope you had a Turkey-rrific Holiday!

It has been a busy fall, but it was quiet in the office last week with everybody off eating and giving thanks! We hope you all had a "Gobble"-ing good time this Thanksgiving!

It is hard to believe that Thanksgiving has already come and gone! What are some of your favorite traditions for turkey day? Is it eating all the turkey, mashed potatoes and pumpkin pie? Or is it watching all the pro football games? Maybe your family plays their own game of football? Let us
know what you did for the Holiday!

Even though things were fairly quiet last week, we were very busy in the weeks leading up to it. Frank, Nancy, Andrew and myself have been
on the road, (literally, the plane was broken) showing camp DVDs to new, old and prospective camp families. This is a picture of me and Annabel Powers at the New Orleans showing!

We would like to to thank
all of our gracious hosts and those of you who came
out to the showings! Be sure to keep checking the website for dates of our upcoming shows and if you miss the one in your area, don't worry!
We will be putting the new DVD up on the website shortly!

We also have a few new additions to the Green Cove family, all of the four legged variety. Many of you have met Nancy's dog Reece, and Debbie's dog, Rosie, so now it is time for me to introduce the two newest Green Cove Pups: Lulu and Magnolia!

Magnolia (pictured
left) is Lee Burdett's golden
retriever pup, and Lulu (right) is my year old hound/doberman mix.

Both of the dogs love running around and playing
games with each other and the other dogs from time to time.

The barn has had some new arrivals as well!

Carrie works hard during the winter to find new horses for you all to ride! So far we are loving her picks! On the left we have our new 10 year old mare, Prancer and on the right we have our new 6 year old gelding Tucker! Both have been enjoying getting to know their new home and friends at the GC barn.

Lots has been going on with our Green Covers outside of camp too! There was a recent Green Cove reunion of sorts, as several alums got together to celebrate the wedding of long time GC girl Britta Weisner and Rusty D'Anna!
Maggie Ruch, Sarah Norman, Elise Desloge and
Steph Cohan were just a few of the many who attended the beautiful ceremony! Congrats to both the bride and groom

Well, let me wrap up this post with some images of the changing of the seasons! We got our first snow fall today!! YAY! It was not enough to stick but it was enough to get us in the office excited!!
Be sure to keep sending us updates on the happenings in your life, and I will be sure to keep you posted from our end!