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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

March & April

March came in like a lion but went out like a lamb... which means... Spring has Sprung at Green Cove!!

Early in the month we had the most beautiful snow fall. Sara Bell, Kathy, Mike, Matt (head of maintenance), Godiva, Boomer & I all headed up to Oties Knob for some AWESOME sledding!! Check out the pics...

But the snow has melted and daffodils & green grass have taken its place. Mike & I were just in Hendersonville and I couldnt help but acting like a dorky tourist and snapping some pics... I love downtown during the Spring!

Camp is really starting to look great! Maintenance has been busy at Green Cove; Nancy and I were just checking out the brand new, SILENT & wonderful ceiling fans that have been added to Middler Lodge. The whole main lodge has been touched up... we are getting ready for all of you to get here!

I have been spending a lot of my time on the phone with counselors and other staff members this month and we are pretty much FINISHED staff hiring! (we do have still a couple of slots open for VERY good people...if you know someone who would be great, please let me know ASAP) I must say, this is the most amazing group of staff that I have seen in all my years here! Note to all '09 staff members... we just started a Green Cove Staff 09 facebook group, you will get your official "invitation" to join once I have your signed contract. If you have already sent in your contract and have not been "invited", please let me know!
We are also SO excited about all the new and returning campers that have been registering during these past few weeks. We have been brainstorming ways to make camp even more fun for you all! This year campers can look forward to...
* A brand new CAMP WIDE fun day & "Cofee Shop Campfire"... Katy LaRue will be head of ACA during Main Camp, and she has been telling me about some awesome ideas.
* Things like the 12 Hour Event at biking (Patty Smith will be back as head of biking during main camp)
* Beautiful music at June Camp assemblies...Susan Danos will be here to lead during June.
* More Opti's at Green Cove
* The gals at the barn have been meeting regularly and have a lot of great plans for the summer, including... more riding overnights and multi-day trips... better and more exciting stable skills activities & more special programs for those who really want to focus on riding.
* Better tortillas on trips :)
* An AWESOME 4th of July Party!

Note: We do still have spots open for Early June, June Camp, Main Camp & August Camp campers. If you are interested in being here... let us know!!

Like always, we would love to hear from you! Please send us a message, email or give us a call and let us know what you have been up to! We are counting down the days until summer, but until then... HAPPY SPRING!

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An Old Camper said...

I miss camp, I wish I was going back there again...