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Monday, October 27, 2008

Welcome to the NEW Green Cove Blog!!

Check back often for the latest and greatest Green Cove News!

Fall is finally in full swing and it is BEAUTIFUL around here. Every day on my way to Mondamin (our winter office is at Mondamin), as I go over the bridge and look out over the lake I cant believe how lucky I am to actually get to LIVE in such a beautiful place! Here's the fall lake (recognize Rabbit Island?)

The New Green Cove VIDEO is FINALLY finished! We have been working hard to get it finished up in time for our fall travels and I think all of our hard work has really paid off... it looks great!! So far we have shown it to Green Cove Girls (new and old) in Richmond, VA, Raleigh, NC & Durham, NC. We wont have copies of the video for another couple of weeks, so to see it for yourself... come out and see us when we are in your area. To find out when we are coming to your town, check out our travel schedule.

Many of you might be wondering "how the heck do they travel so much"? Well, you may or may not know that Frank Bell is an airplane enthusiast/pilot extraordinaire and actually has his own little plane. This makes trips to meet Green Cove Girls around the country very convenient (and FUN!). This is Nancy & me yesterday, we were traveling to Raleigh. The actual name of the plane is Pandemonium Airlines but we sometimes call it "The Hotdog" because the colors are ketchup, mustard & mayonnaise!

We need a new Green Cove T-Shirt!! And we need help designing it! Campers from '07 or '08 probably remember the pink daisy, green tree and blue moon shirts. We are looking for designs to replace those shirts. If you have any great design ideas, draw us a picture (or you may even be able to do it on the computer) and send it in. We will pick a design in early Spring. If we pick your design, we will send you a free shirt and of course you will earn bragging rights for years to come! Please try to limit your design to less than 5 colors and send your ideas to me at p.o. box 38, Tuxedo, NC 28784 or

Attention 2008 Green Cove Camper Parents!
We would love to get your feedback from your daughters experience last summer. This is the time of year where we are really looking at what went well and what changes need to be made for next summer. If you haven't already done so, please fill out our online "Parent Evaluation Form", it wont take long and it will really help us improve camp for next year!

News from Green Cove Girls from around the country!
We have been hearing from Green Covers all fall. Summer '08 counselors Kristen Sukys, Mary Margaret Burdett, Stephanie Jazinski, Julie Ruppert & Elise Desloge got together at Virginia Tech this month and had a blast getting to catch up. Laura Bridge has been traveling the world this fall. She has sent us updates from Fiji & Australia! She has been working in villages, climbing mountains and even jumping out of planes!! A little insider information... Laura has already signed on the dotted line for the entire Summer of '09!! Campers and staff Angie & Sammy Moorin, Anne & Katherine Sharp, Elizabeth & Carrie Anderson, Katie DeAngelis & Katherine English had a ball when they met up in Louisville, KY last week for some Green Cove reminiscing! Early June Camp Program Director, Liddell Shannon has been busy this fall with grad school but will be ditching the books to do some backpacking in Patagonia, Chile during Christmas break! Julia Goodman and Bette Sumrell (last here in '07 as counselors) stopped by Green Cove last weekend, Nancy had a blast getting to visit with them. Bette just got back from a trip to England and Julia is working for a childrens magazine in Indianapolis. Speaking of England, one of our favorite Brits, counselor Beth Woodthorpe-Evans hung out with Maya Appley in IRELAND last week, Maya is studying in Switzerland and has been spending a lot of time at the UN. Stable skills manager, Emily Caja, just got a new job and is enjoying her new life as an assistant trainer at a polo facility in Northern Virginia. Katie LaRue has been playing her guitar and singing all over the place, last weekend she played at the Grey Eagle in Asheville. Stephanie Cohan showed up to watch! While we have been meeting a ton of new potential campers during our travels, it is always fun to get to hang out with campers who have been here before like Sarah Carr Barnes and Waverly Lewis.

Keep in touch, e-mail me with your news and as always... GREEN COVE MISSES YOU!


Frances said...

The blog looks great Sophie!

Emily Caja said...

Soph this is so cute! Great job! I'll be checking it to get my camp fix.