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Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Hope everyone is enjoying time with family (and time away from school too!!) As I was writing this, Debbie, Nancy & I started chatting about what we are thankful for. So much of it had to do with the fun, energy, excitement & and of course some drama that we have in our lives because of Green Cove. We are all so thankful to get to be part of such a special place and are thankful for all of YOU who make it so special!

This month has been full of travels for us. Since the last time I posted, we have been to Richmond, Raleigh, Durham, Charleston, Cincinnati, Lexington, Winston-Salem, Louisville, Indianapolis, New Orleans, Mandeville, Baton Rouge, Dallas, Tuscaloosa, Tyler (TX) and Birmingham!! It has been fun showing off the new video to everyone at the showings. We also just sent a copy of the DVD to campers from last year and will be sending a copy to staff shortly. Start checking your mail boxes and let us know if you didn't get one. Thank you to all you Green Cove girls, new and old (and of course your families) who came out to see us! It is so fun getting to see and meet everyone. We aren't finished traveling yet. To see when we are headed to your town, check out our travel schedule at

We generally only have a couple of hours in each city, but this time we were lucky enough to have almost a full day in New Orleans. Nancy & I spent most of the day hanging out with Katy Danos (main camp program director). You may or may not know that Katy helps run a shop called Hazelnut in New Orleans (check her shop out at We got to see the shop (which is already decked out for Christmas!) and we also got to meet Katy's friend and one of the owners of the shop Bryan Batt. Brian's nieces are June campers and Brian is an actor on the show Mad Men which just won the Emmy for Outstanding Drama!!

Registrations for summer 2009 have been coming in like crazy! Please remember, there is a discount for anyone who registers for camp before December 1st ($100 off for June Camp and $200 off for Main Camp). If you are planning on being here, get that registration in soon!

I have been hearing from a lot of the wonderful 2008 staffers; you will be happy to hear that many are hoping to be back this summer! Nancy and I are working on getting 2009 contracts sent out to last years staff. We will be sending them to your home address because they should arrive during winter break. If your address has changed, please let me know!

Many alumnae from the 90's may know Angela Tucker Betancourt who was a camper and counselor for many years. Angela was in a car accident; here is an update from Alden Schell & Amy Jenkins...

I wanted to give everyone a brief update on Angela Tucker Betancourt, Green Cove camper and counselor for many years. On July 31st, Angela and her husband, Rich, were driving home from a Yankees game in New York when a truck went over the concrete divide and hit Rich and Angela head on. Rich died on the scene and Angela was rushed by helicopter to a trauma center. Angela's injuries from the accident were significant, and she remained in the trauma center for a month before being moved to a nearby rehabilitation center. In mid-October Angela announced that she was "blowing this popsicle stand," after doctors at the rehab center told her that she was ready to be discharged. Angela is now continuing her recovery in Hendersonville, NC, not far from camp. For more information, you can go visit her website,, where she is now giving her own regular updates on her progress. Angela is also welcoming visitors in NC, and you can write her at 2589 Hebron Road, Hendersonville NC 28739.

More news from Green Cove Girls from around the world...
Main Campers Hannah Owen & Summer Kiesling met up at a cross country meet last month, apparently they had to sneak away to get a picture together since they were on opposite teams! Main Camper, Karley Walker's picture was in Blue Ridge Living newspaper, she used some of her Green Cove paddling skills on a school trip to Charleston where they spent the day exploring in kayaks!
2008 Juniors may recognize the girl in the blue dress with the feather hat... Junior Line Head, Mary Gilliam was just in a production of Love's Labour's Lost at Cornell University! This month I got to visit one of my oldest friends & former Green Cove counselor, Maggie Klag Eshenour who is 7 months pregnant! Maggie is doing great and we cant wait to meet her baby boy! Last month counselors Maya Appley & Beth Woodthorpe-Evans got IRELAND! We finally have pics, and the girls said they loved Ireland so much that Beth wants to move there! Laura Bridge (who has actually just agreed to be our 2009 June Camp Program Director!) is still traveling the world and just met up with Aussi Kate in Australia!

Let us know what you are doing!! We love to get updates from Green Cove Girls... especially if you are getting together with your camp friends, send me a pic!

Keep in touch and as always... Green Cove misses you!!

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