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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Our Youngest Green Cove Girl!

Well we have some sad news and some happy news. Some of you may remember Nancy's dog Gus. Sadly, last month, Gus died of a heart attack while he was joyfully chasing a squirrel. We all miss him very much but are glad that he went in such a good way. (Gus is in the picture with the "Happy New Year" head band)

Happily, this past weekend Nancy brought home our youngest Green Cove Girl. This is "Puppy Needs a Name"! It looks like she is wearing a funny hat, but actually she is wearing it because she just had her ears cropped (Doberman puppies generally have that done to protect them from infection). She has been keeping us all occupied and she LOVES playing with Boomer and Rosie. The only problem is.... SHE STILL NEEDS A NAME!!! If you have any great ideas, send us an email or a message! Nancy will be taking everyones suggestion's and making a decision by Monday (so that only gives you a couple of days!!!) So, let the brain storming begin!!!

Look forward to hearing from you!

1 comment:

ceelay said...

OK, I have no idea why this name came to me, but I looked at her and thought "Amelia." She's adorable!