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Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Thank you for all of your help in naming the new puppy. Nancy got over 200 suggestions!! She got everything from Daisy, Bella & Luna to Goose, Petunia & Fruitcake. There were lots of fun camp names like Summit, Tajar, Calla and Rhodie (from Rhododendrons). There were suggestions like Mocha, Pumpkin, Cocoa, Taffy and Brownie. Long story short, if anyone ever needs some name ideas, let us know, we have an AWESOME list! Soo... after much debate, time and deliberation, Nancy has made a decision. We would like to introduce you to sweet little....... REESE! We cant wait for you all to get here and meet her, she is wild!

In other news, we have been getting registrations galore! We are so excited when each one comes in. We love getting to see who will be joining us this summer. If you know that you are going to be here this summer, please send us your registration so we can save your spot!

We have been getting ready for the holiday season around here. We had our annual Mondamin and Green Cove Christmas party at Sara and Andrew's house last week. Holiday parties are always so festive and fun! We have also been getting lots of Christmas cards from all of you, thank you for thinking of us, we love hearing from you all during the winter!

We generally stop traveling during the holiday season, but will be hitting the road again in January. We will be heading to Florida, New Orleans, DC and more. Check our travel schedule here to see if we are headed to your town!

We have heard from a couple of Green Cove girls. Laura Bridge, Mary Margaret Burdett, Elise Desloge, Julie Ruppert, Beth Woodthorpe-Evans and Mark Nicholson (Mondo counselor) all had a BLAST when they met up in LONDON last week. Here are some fun pics they sent. I also got the cutest picture from my god daughter, Ellen, who is sporting her Green Cove T-shirt. SO CUTE!

Happy Holidays and keep in touch!

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