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Friday, January 14, 2011

But the snow is so delightful

Back in the fall we mentioned that the lake had been lowered so that boat docks could be repaired.

Around the first of December we had 8 inches of rain in one 36 hour period, and the lake came back up overnight. It’s down again now. We’ve done a lot of work dredging mud out of the shallow areas of the cold side.

You paddlers will be happy to know that we have repaired and expanded the canoe dock. (The new section is outside the picture.) Stay tuned next month for pictures of this and more!

Many of our campers seem to think Tuxedo is blanketed in snow from December thru March. Well…. that usually isn’t true. The last two years have been snowy ones!

We've had two pretty big snows since Christmas, and wanted to share some pictures.... Our new Barn Manager, Carrie Blair, is our current photographer.

She has included some pictures from the barn, including this one of one our two new horses. HERE HE IS!!!! He's a 10 year old quarter horse gelding from the Zippo Pine Bar line and we are hoping that you will help us name him! Please send us suggestions and hopefully, we will let you know what his fabulous name is in next month's blog. Everybody looks really furry at this time of year. Don’t fret! They’ll shed all that hair before June, and will look like horses. Right now they look like Yaks!

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