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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Spring Has Sprung!

Well it is officially Spring! And that means summer is right around the corner! We are very busy here in the office getting ready for everyone’s arrival and we hope you all are as excited as we are about the start of camp!

Before we get too far into the happenings of Green Cove, I should first off introduce myself. My name is Caitlin and I am the new Assistant Director for Green Cove. I couldn’t be more excited about being here!

While I am new to Green Cove, I am not new to camp life. I was a counselor for several years at a camp in Northern Minnesota and loved every minute of it. Since then, I have been traveling teaching outdoors skills to kids all around the globe. When I am not working, you will most likely find me playing in the woods. I hike, bike, climb, ski, paddle and on the rare occasion, I even do kart wheels. I am looking forward to getting to know everybody this summer!

A lot has been going on in the camp world since that last post on here! The snow has melted, the grass is greener and the lake is looking very inviting! The crew has been working very hard to on several projects around camp in order to prepare for the start of camp! They have not only been getting the final touches on the new canoe dock (it is looking good) but they also have been putting in a new rope swing dock AND doing work on improving the Middler Line cabins! Now all these projects need are a few campers to put them to the test!

Also, we posted in January that we were in search of a name for our newest horse. Well, we are proud to introduce you all to...(drum roll please)...ZIGGY! Ziggy and all his friends at the barn are starting to shed their winter coats (another sign that spring is here) and are anxiously awaiting the start of camp!
The Barn also had a very special visit earlier this year from two Green Cove Girls, Bette Sumrell and Julia Goodman.
Bette and Julia were both campers as well as riding staff here at camp and they were able to share a special moment with the first horses they ever rode here at Green Cove. Good thing Carrie was around to capture the reunion on film!

Where in the
World are Green Cove Girls?

Well they are in Germany, India, Australia...just to name a few!

That's right, we have Green Cove girls going to all kinds of cool places doing all kinds of cool things! We have loved getting the updates on every ones adventures and wanted to just share a few of the photos.

Meredith Meeks, who will be back this summer on the paddling staff, hopped the big pond this winter and spent some time in India. Here is a photo of her with a beautiful, festive elephant!

Lee Burdett, head of our riding program, and her husband Bill, were seeing green early this year! The two spent a week in Ireland, visiting family and friends!

Maggie Ruch got a little excited about making her wishing at a well in Versailles, France! OOOOOOPPPPPSSSS!

Emily Stubbs, a long time Green Cove girl, and Catherine Thibadea, who
will be new to the Green Cove Staff this summer, traveled to Machu Picchu together this spring and sent us this lovely picture!

Hannah Owen, a long time Green Cove camper through '08, was invited to represent North Carolina in the 14th Annual Down Under Cross Country Championships, hosted on the Coast of Australia! Hannah is one of 35 runners picked from 10 states to compete in Australia! Way to go, Hannah!

Have you been or done something cool? Send me your picture and I will post it!

In other news....we have some baby news!!

Kim Alvare, a long time Green Cove girl, and her husband, have a brand new addition to their family!!

Claire Elizabeth Alvare
Born 3.31.11 at 7:56am
9lbs, 3oz, 21 inches

Congrats to the entire family!!

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